DHST/DLMPST Joint Commission


Chair. Agnes Bolinska (Columbia SC, U.S.A.); 1 January 2022–31 December 2025
Ex officio. Marcos Cueto (President DHST).
Liesbeth De Mol (Secretary General DHST).
Valentin Goranko (President DLMPST).
Eleonora Cresto (Secretary General DLMPST).

Rachel Ankeny (1 January 2020–31 December 2026).
Theodore Arabatzis (1 January 2020–31 December 2026).
Hasok Chang (1 January 2022–31 December 2025).
Marlis Hinckley (1 July 2022–31 July 2025).
Pablo Lorenzano (1 January 2020–31 December 2026).
Helen Longino (1 January 2020–31 December 2026).
Joe Martin (1 January 2020–31 December 2026).
Karoliina Pulkkinen (1 January 2024–31 December 2026)
Dirk Schlimm (1 January 2020–31 December 2026).


The two divisions maintain a Joint Commission in order to enhance cooperation between them. The main responsibility of the Joint Commission is to explore research fields of mutual interest to historians and philosophers of science and technology and logicians by means of Joint Conferences and symposia on topics of mutual interest. The main activity of the Joint Commission is the organisation of a session at the congresses of both divisions. According to a decision of the Councils of both divisions (DLMPST in Helsinki, August 2015 & DHST in Beijing, December 2015), a joint committee of the two divisions re-evaluated the Joint Commission and proposed a re-organisation of the Joint Commission to the General Assembly of the DHST in Rio de Janeiro in 2017. The members of this committee were Hasok Chang, Jean Gayon, Catherine Jami, Benedikt Löwe, Menachem Magidor, and Efthymios Nicolaidis. The recommendations of the commission were implemented in the 2018 version of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two Divisions.

The Joint Commission coordinates the IUHPST Essay Prize in History and Philosophy of Science :

2017. Winner. Theodore Arabatzis (Athens): "What's in it for the historian of science? Reflections on the value of philosophy of science for history of science"; Details .
2019. Winners. Agnes Bolinska and Joseph D. Martin (Cambridge): "Negotiating History: Contingency, Canonicity, and Case Studies"; Details .
2021. Winner. Marlis Hinckley (Baltimore MD): "Misinformation age: What early modern scientific fakes can tell us about today’s online fabrications"; Details .
2023. Winner. Ahmad Elabbar (Cambridge): "The curatorial view of assessment and the ethics of scientific advice: Beyond decisional autonomy towards distributive epistemic justice"; Details .

Past, present and future chairs (since 2010):

2010-2011. Imre Hronszky (Budapest, Hungary).

2012-2013. Robert Jay Malone (Notre Dame IN, U.S.A.)

2014-2015. Pablo Lorenzano (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

2016-2021. Hasok Chang (Cambridge, England).

2022-2025. Agnes Bolinska (Columbia SC, U.S.A.)