IASCUD is calling for abstracts for talks to be presented as part of a session,

“Productive Dispute in the History of Science and Mathematics”

to be submitted for inclusion on the program of the History of Science Society (HSS) Meeting, 17-20 November 2022 Chicago, IL USA.

The proposed session would bring together case studies, from the sciences and mathematics, wherein scientific knowledge grew, not in spite of disagreements between scientists, but precisely because the scientists involved disagreed. Recently, Massimi (2021) has suggested that productive scientific disputes often center on big picture questions such as justificatory principles or methodological points of view, rather than on scientific knowledge claims themselves. By bringing together case studies of scientific disagreement, the symposium seeks to interrogate further this distinction between general methodology, on one level, and specific knowledge itself, on another level. Further, Pronskikh and Sorina (2021) argue that in teaching methodological issues to future scientists, one should not only focus on consensus but also show students how conflict can be useful. By discussing productive scientific disputes, we not only develop insight into how scientific knowledge is cultivated over time, but also generate case studies to share when training future scientists.

Please send abstracts of 250 words to Madeline(dot)Muntersbjorn(at)utoledo(dot)edu by 9 April 2022. Please put, “IASCUD: Productive Disputes” in your subject line. For detailed information about HSS Session Proposals, please see the HSS Call for Submissions:  https://hssonline.org/page/hss2022cfp

Up to two travel stipends of up to $1000USD each may be awarded to graduate students, early career researchers (ECR) and/or researcher from an economically disadvantaged country, whose work is presented as part of the IASCUD session, provided the HSS accepts our session as part of their 2022 program. Awards will reflect incurred travel and registration costs and will be reimbursed after the conference participation has taken place. Please direct any questions one may have about eligibility for financial support to IASCUD treasurer, roy(dot)wagner(at)gess(dot)ethz(dot)ch .

To be put on the mailing list for future IASCUD activities, please send an email to secretary general, Nina Atanasova, nina(dot)atanasova(at)utoledo(dot)edu .