Events sponsored by IASCUD
  • Diversity of science cultures during and after the Cold War, Tallinn, Estonia, 14-15 June 2019.
  • At the 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology of the DHST/IUHPST, held from 23 to 29 July 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, IASCUD sponsored the following sessions:
  • At the 7th European Society for the History of Science Conference in meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, held in September 2016, IASCUD sponsored Symposium 263, Science, self and power: Self-Orientalism and others performances of identity in relation to Science (19th–21st century) (organised by Kenji Ito and Agathe Keller).
    Speakers. Kenji Ito, Agathe Keller, Aaron Wright.
    Sat 24 September 2016, 9:00-11:00.
  • At the History of Science Society Annual Meeting in November 2015, San Francisco CA, U.S.A., IASCUD organised two sessions:
    • Historical and Theoretical Approaches to Comparison in the History of Ancient Science, organised by Karine Chemla.
      Speakers. Michael Nylan, Lisa Raphals, Karine Chemla, Ivahn Smadja.
      Sat 21 November, 9:00-11:45
    • Historiography of Cultural Diversity in the History of Science, organised by Kenji Ito.
      Speakers. Martina Schneider, Kenji Ito, & Agathe Keller.
      Sun 22 November, 9:30-11:00
  • IASCUD session at CLMPS XV, August 2015, Helsinki, Finland
  • IASCUD workshop in Paris, 11 July 2015, Paris, France
  • Cultures of Mathematics IV, 22-25 March 2015, New Delhi, India
  • At the 24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine of the DHST/IUHPST, held from 21 to 28 July 2013 in Manchester, England, IASCUD sponsored the following sessions (see also the ICHSTM page on IASCUD):
    • S045. Mathematical facets of measurement, measuring units, measured quantities and their uses
      Mon 22 July, 11:00–17:30
    • S053. Knowledge at work across cultural boundaries
      Tue 23 July, 09:10–12:40
    • C265. IASCUD Executive Committee meeting 1
      Tue 23 July, 14:00–15:30
    • C281. IASCUD General Assembly
      Tue 23 July, 16:10–17:40
    • C282. IASCUD Executive Committee meeting 2
      Fri 26 July, 16:10–17:40